Statists stating: Leftist Hypocrits in the “Election” of 2016

November 2nd, 2016

Well, its been a while. I have a lot of content written that I have not released. This is because I have not had the time to edit. I sold most of my properties and am getting ready to start some new projects. In addition to this, the influx of racists infiltrators and shills who claim to be ancaps or “post ancaps” whatever the FUCK that means, is disgusting. I think most of them are agents , but some of them are simply genuine morons. Even some of the more well known ancap youtubers have started to distance themselves from the 1488 crowd, and that says a lot.

Read one of my first articles to see that the recent pivoting toward white nationalism, and other statist/religious endorsements  on the part of so called ancap thinkers and philosophers is not surprising to me. Many of these people where sociopathic con-men from the start simply looking for a niche market to milk. They get more donations from the statist/racist/religious crowd and so they cater to that market now. I am sure one could make the same argument for the ones who have pivoted left as well.

Let me start by saying that even though all of my articles are well sourced, this one will be less so because I decided to publish this recently and am trying to get it out some time before this election. There is no way I can source every email, although I have read the most referenced ones, so instead I will link to the source material and to videos that compile the most juicy ones. Furthermore, unless you have been in a media blackout the coverage and availability of the material is ubiquitous. I am talking of course of the mainstream faux amazement at the depth of the corruption of Hilary Clinton and the democratic party. People like us (ancaps) of course always knew this kind of shit was going on. Not only is it funny to see statists’s reactions to the material, but it is enraging to see the response to it, which so far has been  “meh”

Here is the source material:

Hopefully you won’t need this pdf (direct link):

Here are some decent videos bitching about the content: (I do not endorse anyone linked to here and don’t watch them regularly. I actually can’t stand some of them on any other topic)

Some fuck in his kitchen doing a better job that the corporate media…SMFH

There are a few real progressives left

Shes a lying whore: Watch this if nothing else.

Fake progressive shut down by Real progressive:

Hilary apologist FAAAG “robert”

An example of the voter who likes and expects to be lied to (black dude):

More principled lefties against the Corporate Drone:

I always chuckle about how the left argues so passionately about how the government and corporations are corrupt and out to oppress and enslave everybody… and then apparently want everyone to be defenseless and disarmed so that they can’t defend themselves from them.

Its seems like most of the internet, both left and right, that has any common sense is uniting to stop this fucking bitch-cunt-whore from getting into power and nuking us all. I’ll have to add my influence, however small it might be, to try to avert a catastrophe. Furthermore, this might be a little more vitriolic than usual because I am very tired of dealing with the bullshit, nonsense, and fallout (soon to be literal) from the stupid decisions statists make in my name and with my stolen money.

Just when I thought that statists had reached the pinnacle of their stupidity, we now have to deal with the two main party candidates. Quite possibly the two worst candidates one could imagine, public choice theory in action. And this is all not too long after a campaign where republicans seriously considered Palin for VP. Jesus H mother Fucking christ. I have to remember this credo that has proven to be so true during my lifetime: Things can always get worse.

First, a word on voting. There are some who think that voting gives consent to be governed and is morally wrong and yada yada yada. While I stopped voting a while ago, I have no opposition to it and would vote again if I believed it would loosen my yoke. If you are in prison, and you get to choose who will rape you and your choices are an asian dude and a black guy, It makes sense to choose the guy with the smallest cock as hopefully he will do the least amount of damage. There is no “don’t rape me bro ” option in this scenario, and sitting there quietly in your principled and dignified stance might lead to you getting your asshole ripped up by Deon.

Likewise, we are in a system we did not choose or consent to. Vote left, right, middle, third party, or don’t vote, you will still be arrested for any infraction of their rules or the failure to pay taxes, period. If you believe you have even a small chance of reducing that burden I say go for it, its not like anything I have done has worked!

For the republicrats, the smallest cock choice would have been Rand Paul, so that at least Ron and the mises guys could have SOME influence over the state policy.

For the Demublicans it would be obviously Bernie Sanders, who was openly cheated out of the nomination. He was a socialists, but was honest about his convictions up until he showed his true colors and fell in line by endorsing sour cunt scandal queen  Hilary. Oh yeah, and he didn’t want war with Russia… more on that later.

The Corrupt Voting system

As for the voting system itself, not only do I think it is rigged in a literal sense( the machines, counting, and reporting), and not only is it obviously rigged in terms of the nomination/media coverage/funding/ debate moderator sense, but thanks to the leaks we have clear evidence of collusion with the media on the part of the Scandal Queen, Hilary Clinton. We have video evidence of leaders admitting to electoral fraud as well.

I understand the electoral college as well as the fact that there is currently no law making lying during a candidacy and then doing the opposite illegal. Oh yeah, and pathological liars, sociopaths, egomaniacs and megalomaniacs are all attracted to political office, and this election cycle is a perfect example of this concept being proven out. On top of all this nonsense we have public choice theory and the fact that in many states, say the NE states, its solid blue no matter what you do. On top of all that as well, you don’t need a rigorous background check or even Id to register to vote… If you don’t need id to register to vote, how do they know you are a citizen. . .

I could go on and on, suffice it to say that 1. I don’t not support the voting system, I am not that naive and 2. I do not support trump.

So with all that said, I suppose this article is really meant to speak to those in so called swing states, and is meant to make a really really simple and easy to read list so that the fucking retarded morons supporting Hilary Clinton can see what they are voting  for.


Let’s get to the point: The worst candidate is Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton stands for everything I vehemently hate. I seriously and literally despise everything about her. Everything bad the state has ever done to me can probably be attributed to something  she or her Pussy-cigar smoking husband supported or voted for. She is the living personification of everything wrong with statism.

Now, before you say “oh another trump fanboy or another so called ancap supporting trump/voting.” This is not the case.

I wouldn’t support either of them, if anything  would vote for Gary Johnson gaffes and all (although I liked Mcafee, who also pointed out that voting was pointless) but if you feel you want to try to make a difference in the political process on the .000001% chance your vote actually counts, there is an obvious no-vote candidate. That candidate is Hilary Clinton. Vote Jill Stein, Trump, Johnson, these nuts, Ghaddafi Duck, or stay the fuck home, anyone but Hilary ffs. I will make this case as clearly as I can and lay it out real simple for you dumb fucking statists.

There was a time when I looked upon progressives and ideological leftists as an equally principled but oppositely charged movement. I thought most of them were sincere in their convictions and actually agreed with their anti-corporatism, anti-war, anti-religiosity, drug legalization, and sexual freedom stances. However, after seeing so many so called progressives back Hilary Scandal Queen Clinton, it is clear that the bulk of them were not then, and are not now sincere about the ideas they espouse.

To be fair, we have had the same thing happen on our side: all of a sudden hardcore anti-state “philosophers” started stumping for trump with out blushing. It is good to know who these people are and I would encourage the reader to never forget this endorsement of the system by them. It is one thing to say vote trump because he is not as bad. It is another to make video after video, article after article, flinging praise on this ego-maniacal pompous empty headed smurf. It is clear that if trump wins, they are trying to boost their media presence to the next level by asking for interviews with him and pointing to all this shilling as services rendered.

Donald trump is a clown, a buffoon, and man who has skated through life in privileged position. You can believe that a man who was born a multi-millionaire can connect with the common man and understand his problems all you want, I’ll pass.  He has gotten everything he ever wanted and still wants more. He lacks tact and substance. He is not as smart as people think he is, which I hope should be obvious by now. To his credit, he has created jobs through his businesses, and he knows how to find people smarter than him to delegate things to. He also seems to be a deal maker, which might be useful given the current global landscape with regard to trade and middle eastern conflict.

Regardless of his business acumen or lack thereof aside, his one major strength is : AFAIK HE IS NOT A WAR MONGER. He does not have blood on his hands, period. And even if you want to attribute the death of some mexican who died while building one of his hotels or something to him, Hilary Clinton has an order of magnitude more to answer for. And this one fact (the mountains of bodies in her closet), if the voting public had brains or principles, would be the number one issue.

Think about this… Hilary Clinton is so establishment approved that even republicans, even daddy Bush himself, are supporting her. The statists always yelled that the choice really mattered and there was a REAL difference between the parties. Well apparently not. Apparently politics is much like wrestling after all, where they pretend to be opposed to someone and then the scripted candidate wins and they all go out for drinks. I mean her staff even played up the so called pied piper candidates in order to manufacture just such a scenario. This plan wreaks of a controlled opposition ploy that clearly got out of control. Even Bernie backed Clinton after all of his principled opposition to her!

This level of corruption does not surprise me, and  neither does the impotent reaction to it, although it still enrages me. People who still think voters have principles say things like “its over now”  or “if only they knew the corruption” as if somehow knowing all this will turn them away form their master candidate. Many people desire to be dominated, it is the other side of the phrase “Libido Dominandi” Lew Rockwell used to describe the mindset of our masters. The other side of the coin is that there are tens if not hundreds of millions of people that desire to be dominated, ruled, and trampled upon. They love being slaves and they need a master or Shepard to worship and look up to. It is these lemmings that enable the despots in the first place. The idea of millions of these simpletons being scorched off of the surface of the earth almost makes me want to accept Clinton’s nomination and her impending war with Russia. Almost.

Nor should we be surprised by the fact that the state did not sue itself, as the FBI basically admitted Clinton was a traitor and did nothing to prosecute her. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

I would gladly take a buffoon over a warmongering corrupt  scandal ridden maniac, and I would gladly take a pot head like Johnson, who actively opposes war in general and the war of drugs, any day. If Gary Johnson got in, got us out of wars overseas, ended the war on drugs and simply smoked weed, golfed and got blowjobs for the rest of his term he would be the best president in history regardless of whether or not he can name foreign cities or leaders. Hell, I would personally pay for his blowjobs!

Actions speak louder than words, and everything you emotionally infantile leftists think Trump MIGHT do, Hilary has ALREADY done, multiple times in some cases.

The leaks

The emails and speeches that have been leaked (stolen via hack and released to the public) , and as of this writing supposedly there will be more to come, are damning. We have emails. speeches, and vidoe/adio tht confirm what we anarchists already fucking knew THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED. At the very least, when statist try to tell us votes count or the government is benevolent, we have hard contemporary non-conspiratorial evidence that points to the opposite conclusion. Evidence that they will apparently dismiss. These leaks are damning. Well not exactly… you see you and I already know that statists or voters don’t give a fuck about principles or stances, and they clearly don’t care about corruption scandals or lies. They have never given a fuck about intellectual honesty or consistency, so why would they start now? Indeed, many of them expect to get lied to and see corruption as a sign of skill.

It is akin to the woman who was always beaten by her bf,and when her new decent bf doesn’t hit her, she thinks he doesn’t love her because she has come to associate love with a good pummeling now and then.

The same is true for the voters, they have come to accept and even expect scandals. There is no shortage of candidates who have been indicted and/or have been in prison and have still won elections.

The Veracity of the emails and speeches

I take the emails with a grain of salt as I have studied the history of psyops in the past. However, there are a number of reasons to believe that they, and especially the most “damaging” ones are real.

  1. You don’t go into damage control mode for forged and fake emails.
  2. She has defended herself from much of the email  and speech content, indicating they are real (you don’t defend yourself from a forgery)
  3. Hilary Clinton wanted to kill Julain Assange, meaning she was damaged by real leaks
  4. They are dated, have real names,and reference real events.
  5. People’s careers have been ended by the exposure of these emails, and it makes no sense to step down in light of the release of a forgery
  6. The sheer volume makes forgery unlikely, even the FBI took a long time to go through the ones they found on her server
  7. She said they were illegally obtained (fake emails are not illegally obtained, they are just made up. )
  8. Furthermore if leaks were planned out by the Hilary clan, they would probably try to paint her in a more favorable light.
  9. The video and audio cannot be refuted.


The List

Hello. If you have been linked here it is because you are a statist, and/or are undecided or support The Scandal Queen, Hilary Clinton. I know all of the substantive policy positions befuddle your dumb cracker/mongoloid/negro mind, so I have taken the liberty of compiling this List so that you can see just what you are voting for. It’s so simple, even a caveman could understand it, but I won’t hold my breath for you statists.

These are from Clinton’s actual positions and voting records, not just rhetoric. What a person actually does and votes for in public office has a significantly more significant impact than what someone talks about on a radio show as a private citizen, with no voting powers. Here are the issues, what you as a leftists are supposed to believe, and then what Clinton actually thought/said/or voted for.

Gay Rights: You should believe that everyone has the right to love/date/fuck who they want and have equal rights including marriage rights without legal penalty.

  • Hilary opposed gay marriage and then flip flopped
  • Hilary accepted millions of dollars from countries where you can be hanged for being gay
  • Hilary wants to support the rebels in syria, who are “moderate” islamists that will kill gays on sight.
  • Hilary brought down the government  of Libya, leaving all of Libya’s gays open to executions at the hand of “moderate” islamists.
  • I’m sure some of the drone bombings she endorsed and supported have killed gays at some point.

Border Wall: You should be more open borders oriented as a mindless multicultural shill.

  • Hilary Clinton supported a fence or barrier, and yet opposes trump’s wall (see flip flop “lying whore” video)

Gun Rights:

  • Hilary is anti-gun, but of course is always surrounded by 45 armed MEN.
  • Hilary Clinton is not for  total gun ban openly, which she should be for you to support her
  • Riddle me this, if trump gets in now or in 4 years and there are brown shirts and Klansmen running around, how exactly do you plan to defend yourself, ignorant black Clinton supporter? DETAILS

 Taxes: You should be for taxes that tax the poor at a lower rate or not at all and get higher as earnings increase.

  • Hilary happily accepts money both directly and through the Clinton foundation from people who use tap loop holes and off shore accounts to skirt taxes in a manner that would make trump blush.
  • Many of the corporate media giants shilling for Hilary take full advantage of the tax code- you seem to have no problems there
  • The Clinton foundation is a multi million dollar tax exempt entity
  • How exactly is she going to close those loopholes, especially after taking millions in donations and speech fees from the very people who exploit them? HMMMM???? DETAILS

Foreign Aid: You should be for aid to the poorest of countries

  • The Clintons fucked up and failed to provide critical aid projects in Haiti that they pledged to do despite collecting massive amounts of money for the endeavor… oh and her younger brother has interests in a mine in Haiti so there’s that.
  •  Clinton will continue to give money to Saudi Arabia and Israel…if you don’t know why that is not good do more research

Economy: You are supposed to be anti- big business, anti-walmart, pro small business and pro big regulations

  • Clinton takes money from any and all mega corporations
  • Clinton in her private speeches calls for free trade
  • Clinton supported the TTP, and now pretends not to…her public and private faces once again clashing
  • Rejects reinstituting Glass-Steagall
  • Refuses to break up banks that are “too big to fail”
  • Will enact regulation that benefits big business by creating barriers to entry by small business

Environment: You are supposed to be pro-green energy, anti-fracking, anti-greenhouse gas, anti”climate change”.

  • Clinton boasted about promoting fracking all over the world
  • Fracking supposedly accelerates climate change by emitting methane, a greenhouse gas many times more “warming” than carbon. Oh, and earthquakes.
  • Oh, and nuclear war is very bad for the environment, you mouth breathing simpletons you. She wants to impose a no fly zone on russian jets in Syria. What could possibly go wrong?

Fairness: You should be for free and fair elections

  • DNC clearly colluded with the media and the administration to rig the democratic nomination
  • Purges of voting rolls
  • Clinton is on tape supporting rigging an election in Palestine in 2006
  • Clinton got fed debate questions ahead of time
  • Sending agent provocateurs to opposition rallies to engage in violence
  • Busing people around to engage in electoral fraud
  • Hilary is working with contacts in the state department and the justice department to gain an unfair political advantage

Equality: You should be for equality under the law

  • FBI refused to indict Clinton despite her sharing of classified information and lying under oath and destroying evidence and tons of other shit
  • FBI didn’t even raid her house or confiscate any computers, they relied on her and her staff to voluntarily submit material… VERY THOROUGH INVESTIGATION
  • Head of Department of justice meets with Clinton’s husband and has secret conversation while she is under investigation… you cant make it up. I WONDER WHAT THEY TALKED ABOUT
  • Do you think YOU would have gotten away with this bullshit?

Media: You should be for a free press and an unbiased media

  • Clinton wanted to drone assange- openly kill an antagonistic journalist
  • Leaks show clear collusion to boost Clinton over Sanders and then over Trump and even to build up more extreme right wing candidates
  • In other words, Clinton helped create trump in the first place!
  • Media basically ignores all the evidence of despicable corruption that has come to light.

Transparency: You should be for open accounting and open information as it relates to public officials and their dealings in order to fight corruption(which you should also be against)

  • Did not hand over all work related emails to the FBI
  • Deleted emails and destroyed hard drives
  • Refused to release her speeches, now we know why
  • Regularly changed her story about her apparent ill health, she apparently regularly falls/passes out according to her husband even
  • Pay for play system whereby people who donate to her foundation get special favors and whereby those who pay her ridiculous speaking fees gain more access to her/state department

Syrian Migrants: You are stupidly in favor of letting millions of people whose country we just bombed come to the US

  • Clinton demonstrates that she knows that it is nearly impossible to vet migrants even in neighboring countries, which is why they take in limited numbers if any (see speeches)

Race Relations:

  • Omnibus crime bill was signed by her husband, while she sat silently. read up on it: It was bad for minorities and petty drug offenders and cut their education opportunities in jail.
  • Against drug legalization, even marijuana- which will continue the prison industrial complex and keep putting young people, largely minorities, into jail for non-violent crimes
  • Called blacks “super predators”
  • Told breakfast club she carried “hot sauce” in her purse. REALLY? How was she not called out for this you house negroes you.
  • After the fall of Ghaddafi, Libya was ethnically cleansed- see gruesome videos on Youtube. Same is happening in Syria.

Women’s rights: You should be for the health and safety of women everywhere, women’s equality everywhere.

  • Suppressed the voices of the women who Bill Clinton fucked with.
  • Did not divorce her cheating womanizing husband (so much for girl power, strong independent woman bullshit)
  • Accepts money from countries where women cannot even drive and are treated like dogs and forced to wear certain clothing
  • Direct votes and roles in wars that have blown tens of thousands of women and children to pieces, displaced millions of women and children and lead to an untold number of rapes in the ensuing chaos
  • Supports “moderate” islamic rebels who treat women like tools and take sex slaves.
  • Obviously, displaced women might be driven to desperate acts to feed their children, one can easily imagine more prostitution as a result of the wars she supported.
  • Apparently, wants to kill and displace even more women and children with her no fly zone idea after acknowledging more bloodshed would occur as a result of it

Foreign Policy: You should be anti-war and Anti-Imperialist. Period. Full stop.

  • Neglected to reinforce Libya embassy despite repeated pleas for more security
  • Tried to blame attack on a youtube video LOL
  • Threatened to nuke Iran in defense of Israel. Fuck Israel and fuck you zionists too.
  • May respond to “cyber attacks” real or IMAGINED with military force.
  • Showed indifference to the victims of Benghazi-gate with famous ‘what difference does it make’ line, apparently she was right
  • Gave assistance to Honduras ignoring the coup
  • Took tens of millions from countries that she openly acknowledges funds ISIS! Imagine a man who is paying to rape, torte, and kill people in a snuff porn ring. Now imagine accepting money from that same guy and then selling him weapons!
  • Approved weapons deal to Saudis despite their attack on Yemen
  • Took 15 mil. from Saudi Arabia, who has been reveled to have played a small role in helping the hijackers for the 9/11 attacks. Small as in paying for their, food, shelter, clothing and driving them around to their fucking flight lessons.
  • Voted for the Iraq war: led to the rise of ISIS and the deaths of at least 150k civilians and displacement of 3-5 mil
  • Played Key roles in destabilizing Libya  “we came, we saw, he died” At least 10k-30k dead, 600k-1mil displaced (again many of them have the vaginas she cares so much about) and the rest now under militia and islamist rule.
  • Played key role supporting the destabilization of Syria and still does, with a death of at least 100k civilians and a whopping 4.8 million displaced (again, half of them women and children which she deeply deeply cares about.)
  • In a leaked speech, stated that a no fly zone would require  lot ore dead syrains: supports it anyway
  • Supports arming and training the Islamist Syrian rebels to continue the bloodshed, look at all those shiny new American TOW missile videos on youtube. WHERE DO THEY GET NEW AMERICAN WEAPONS FROM?!
  • We will Low ball it and say she has the deaths of at least 200k innocent civilians on her hands as well as the displacement of millions and millions of people from all the wars and bombings she voted for, oversaw,  supported, and endorsed, at least 100k of them being women and children. Oh, but at least she didn’t grab any pussies(Other than Huma’s) AMIRITE? Keep in mind she wants more Syrian blood.
  • SUPPORTS IMPOSING A NO FLY ZONE OVER RUSSIAN BASES MEANING WAR WITH RUSSIA :This is by far the biggest issue. Which means a lot of dead Americans and Russians btw…
  • AFAIK, and I searched, from way back to the Yugoslavia bombing, there wasn’t a war or military action she did not support with the one exception of the surge in Iraq under Bush, which she later endorsed under Obama.
  • When it comes to war mongering and bloody hands she has no equal and you leftists have no leg to stand on for supporting her. If she has a resume`, it is written in RED INK. WHERE IS CODE PINK?  Where are the mass demonstrations?
  • Talks all this shit about Russia, but approved controversial deal giving Russia (Russian owned Mining Company) access to US uranium for a wealthy foundation donor.



Money>Clinton Foundation> Clinton family>Favors/Influence

Speech Money>Bill/Hilary Clinton> Favors/Influence

It doesn’t get any more simple than that.


Everything you “leftists” should be for she is against and everything Trump Might do SHE HAS DONE FOR DECADES AND IS OPENLY CALLING FOR MORE. I would say vote your conscience, but IF YOU SUPPORT HILARY YOU HAVE NO CONSCIENCE.

As is typical statist fashion, no one gves a fuck about any important points, facts, or issues.

As you can see, Hilary Clinton will not only likely plunge the world into darkness, literal darkness, as a result of the nuclear war she instigates with russia via the no fly zone (so much for the environment//global warming right) but she stand opposed to virtually all progressive or liberal values . Now, I know you leftists only virtue signal and pretend to hold those values and that this is no big deal to you. Let me try to connect to the few neurons firing in the piss bucket you call brain: In the name of self preservation you should care about your own survival and that of your friends so that you can live on to do more coke, fuck more asses, and experience more triggers. No more nternet, Starbucks, or yoga classes after the bombs drop.

And so if the glue sniffing, pink haired, trench coat mafia, free range, GMO free, BPA free, gluten free, gender neutral, Chemtrail spotting,  hackey sack kicking, granola munching shit brains haven’t stopped sucking Clinton’s engorged wrinkly clit by now, I believe literally nothing will shake them.

You fucking fake leftists. You witless unscrupulous scum. You wouldn’t understand what “principled” meant even if your principle tied you down and butt fucked you in high school. If you vote Hilary Clinton I will never take anything any of you ever say even remotely seriously. You will earn my lifelong and undying scorn, and pray oh prey that my power remains neutered and my rage impotent.


  • Don’t fucking complain about global warming or climate change or whatever re branding you want to put on your fucking carbon tax scams: she bragged about helping to spread fracking which is “bad” by your own standards If you vote for her YOU ARE PRO GLOBAL WARMING AND FRACKING
  • Don’t complain about corruption or campaign fraud, she and her minions are clearly guilty of it on multiple counts. from busing people around to giving her debate questions ahead of time. IF YOU VOTE FOR HER YOU ENDORSE ELECTORAL FRAUD
  • Don’t complain about biased media coverage, given the underhanded tricks she and her minions, the false new stories they crafted about opponents, and the opportunity to read and edit news stories about her before they were even published. IF YOU VOTE FOR HER YOU ARE IN FAVOR OF A BIASED MEDIA
  • Don’t complain about war or genocide or assassinations, or imperialism, Hilary has an abysmal record on all of these from Iraq too Libya, and her support for Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and just about anything the U.S has decided to bomb since shes been in Washington. She is openly calling for more war in syria with the no fly zone, possible nuclear exchange, and acknowledges that more syrian civilians will have to die. IF YOU VOTE FOR HER YOU ARE PRO MURDER, INTERVENTIONISM, IMPERIALISM, AND WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER OF CIVILIANS FOR CORPORATE GAIN
  • Don’t complain about flip flopping or dishonest politicians, your cuntdidate openly talked about having a public and private face, she lies consistently and unabashedly, even her own aids are aware of her tendancies to fucking lie uncontrollably to the point where they even suggest she should just stop talking to the press
  • Don’t complain about bribes or money in politics ever.
  • Don’t complain about terrorism- she endorses migrant immigration even after in a speech she demonstrated she understood the vetting problem.
  • Don’t pull your fucking occupy wallstreet bullshit, SHE TOOK MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SPEECHES AND DONATIONS FROM ALL SORT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and backed the TPP
  • Don’t complain about women’s rights when she takes money from countries that don’t let women drive for fuck sake. She has made decisions that have led to the murders(blowing apart of pussies) of tns of thousands of omen and an untold number of rapes and cases of forced prostitution
  • Don’t complain about gay rights, again Clinton takes millions from countries that literally kill gays on sight and was herself anti-gay marriage
  • Don’t complain about unfair or rigged elections. You are voting for a party that uses underhanded tactics and a candidate that called for rigging elections
  • Don’t complain that “the system is broken, man!11111” By voting for this shit stain you are helping break the system

Fuck you for making Clinton a viable candidate and fuck all of you statist for putting the country in this ridiculous situation. If/when Clinton wins due to her rigged media and polls and…well rigged everything, and she imposes a no fly zone and we get nuked to fuck and back, I hope your are either blasted to ashes or get radiation poisoning and die very slowly and painfully. As your pink hair and teeth fall out and you wither away look in the mirror at the fucktard who enabled this maniac to get into power in the first place. Fuck you very much and have a nice day.

An Aside:

I find it ridiculous that the left, the very same people that want to teach children that its ok to be gay, which means boys and girls rubbing their genitals together…, is pretendinf to be outraged by the use of the word “Pussy. Everyone is amazed that a billionaire chases after young girls… SAY IT AIN’T SO.

Another Aside, if you would:

Isn’t it strange how terrorists never target politicians or even remotely government institutions? I mean really think about it.

Some loon blows a chunk of Gabriel Gifford’s skull off with no problem. Some supposedly sophisticated terrorists being funded and trained by ISIS or al-Quada or whatever this year’s name for them is decides to target random innocent people in a mall or on a street or something with no impact on decision makers.

Did I miss the news report where a bunch of marathon runners  sat in a room decided to bomb Libya? Can someone link me to it? Because the terrorists really seem to hate runners. I mean is it rally hard to get close to a politician with a bomb or a gun especially if you don’t care if you live? Especially when they are campaigning and making speeches in wide open crowns of people? Especially with 200 million plus guns around, many of then with military precision? Wouldn’t going after some of the people who actually fucking voted to get your country destroyed make sense? Yes, yes, I know you can’t blow up your pay masters, but lets just have some fun here anyway, to help these retards out, here is a list of targets in the US you can hit with impunity that won’t slaughter uninterested citizns who are probably anti war in the first place.

Suggested targets for terrorists that aren’t full of innocent civs:

Washington DC, most large buildings

Arlington, VA Same





Any politician who voted for any of the wars: you can look up their voting records online.

Wallstreet Stock exchange

None of this should be news and none of this is esoteric information. If your choice is a random mall or one of these targets, choose one of these targets.

Addresses and even Images are all on google. Attack the people attacking you not fucks like me who have no power to stop them and are opposed to their rule.

It should be painfully obvious by now that the American people are not in control of their country’s politics or foreign policy. While you’re at it,go after America’s political masters as well : Israel and Saudi Arabia.

A word to the “servicemen”

To the air-force and to the secret service: YOU ARE TRAITORS.

We get taxed to the tune of trillions of dollars. We then have that money invested in highly advanced aircraft. You then fly those aircraft in defense of the very same groups that have attacked your own country and killed your own citizens. You should be ashamed of yourselves and are nothing but low paid mercenaries at this point. You sat and watched as ISIS ran 300 truck caravans into Turkey full of oil they then sold to pay fighters and buy weapons and only started bombing them after the Russians pointed it out. You are using our national defense assets to aid and abet an enemy force, which is the definition of treason.

To the secret service. If this cunt gets in and you lay down your life to protect her think of what you are doing. You have families and  friends. They will not let you into the bunker when she decides to push the button, nor will they let your family or friends in. Do the right thing when it comes down to it. If one of Hitler’s generals or guards had simply shot the cock sucker in the back of the head WW2 could have been avoided.

Think of all the damage a nuclear war would do. Maybe you like national parks: camping, fishing, kayaking. Try doing that with a thin layer of lethal radioactive fallout covering all of the trees animals and water. Think of your favorite city being reduced to a massive gaping smoking hole. Why oh why would you stand by and let some maniac instigate that. Why do you defend these people who will sacrifice you and all of your families for their agenda. HAVE YOU NO COMMON SENSE?HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF SELF PRESERVATION? THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ANY OF YOU. YOU personally will suffer as well, and all of your property and families will be irradiated just the same. And what will you have to say for it? You solemnly carried out your duties to protect a maniac who ruined the world? BRAVO. WELL DONE.

We don’t have large networked  meat-space ancap organizations or towns or cities yet, we don’t have land with bunkers and resources that could weather a nuclear exchange. This war she wants could be devastating for us, especially since America is a major source of ancap theory and where many ancaps reside. We could all be wiped out with this war and a large part of AC proponents and thinkers would be removed from the equation. Let us hope no one targets Brazil, or Spain!

In closing I will say this.  Let it be known, if The Scandal Queen gets in, sets up a no fly zone, and we go into a war with Russia that ends in an nuclear exchange I DID NOT SIT BY AND DO NOTHING AND IT AIN’T MY FAULT. GOING TO WAR WITH RUSSIA AND/OR BOMBING MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES IS NOT IN MY INTEREST. My voice has joined the chorus of reason against this suicidal foreign policy. I will go out on a limb and say the American people don’t want to be nuked. War is a racket and the people are generally against it. I TRIED and I used what voice I have to speak out if only digitally.

Again, here is a link for all of you ancaps who believe that she might be crazy enough to start shooting down Russian planes over Syria, as I do. Do what you can, youtube “prepping” and good luck.

Nuclear War survival Skills:(direct pdf link)