2020: The Year of the Shit

October 30th, 2020

Hello. It’s been a minute.

Where have I been and what have I been doing? Well wherever or whatever the answer is it hasn’t led to much progress towards freedom for the so called masses. At least I am in good company.

Let’s see: The video makers are still making videos. The book sellers are still selling books. The conmen, charlatans and “philosophers” who are being paid to talk bullshit are still spewing bullshit. They are still pandering to this group or that to maximize “donations”. They seem to still be on this white nationalist, pro-trump, drain the swamp, Q-anon kick, but are slowly beginning to backpedal as it seems the anointed one might lose the coming election.

If Biden wins, count the days until they suddenly have an epiphany, issue a tearful “I was wrong” video with a nice HD close angle shot and become libertarians and anti-statists again. Good grief.  ::Picard Facepalm::

I have taken note of which “anarchist” trump supporters and “philosophers” twist and contort words to forgive, justify, and excuse every gaffe, disgusting comment, embarrassing failure, and mistake this moron has committed. (There really are too many to mention) I am sickened to  the pit of my stomach every time I hear the words” 4D chess” used without irony, or hear him called some kind of strategic genius.

Way back in 2012 I called these people out as prosperity pimps. That post has aged well.

The best part is people will continue to donate to them after their next pivot … my god.

Bitcoin hasn’t magically destroyed any central banks or armies or even prevented one ticket or asset seizure. 

The dollar hasn’t collapsed yet *GASP*

Fear mongering “concerned patriots”: The dollar is going to zero! Cash out now! Money will be worthless. Weimar Republic etc etc.

Also Fear mongering patriots: Donation link below where you can donate those soon to be useless and worthless dollars and you can exchange those useless and worthless dollars for real money- gold and silver!

Oh what humanitarians, not only are they willing to take this useless and soon to be worthless money off of my hands, but some of them will give me gold and silver in exchange? Wouldn’t they want to horde said gold and silver and not cash if useless worthless paper money as indeed on the horizon? For people who think hyper-inflation is coming soon they, sure seem to try to collect a lot of useless paper fiat cash.

 I have to admit though, I am curious to see what the new generation of liberty hucksters will look  like. Here’s my guess: Cute young blond Billy Ellish looking white women, dyed hair and all, quoting Rothbard while gaming on twitch or posing on onlyfans. LOL

Yep, no progress, all is well.

OK, so Let’s start with Trump

I want to touch on some of the events that have transpired during my hiatus and collect some props for calling trump and his cultists out before he was even elected.

You now, some of us who were born on the wrong side of Mary Anne Trump’s immigrant Cunt still have to work for a living. Not everyone can get a “small loan of a million dollars” from daddy.

$413 Million (min) is a hell of a head start

Plenty of money for his immigrant wife if/when she divorces his ass.

I would usually just link to the previous post here, but I think a few direct quotes will sum up my position quite nicely.

From This Post in 2016 before he was elected.

“Just when I thought that statists had reached the pinnacle of their stupidity, we now have to deal with the two main party candidates. Quite possibly the two worst candidates one could imagine, public choice theory in action.”

“I could go on and on, suffice it to say that 1. I don’t not support the voting system, I am not that naive and 2. I do not support trump.”

Donald trump is a clown, a buffoon, and man who has skated through life in privileged position. You can believe that a man who was born a multi-millionaire can connect with the common man and understand his problems all you want, I’ll pass.  He has gotten everything he ever wanted and still wants more. He lacks tact and substance. He is not as smart as people think he is, which I hope should be obvious by now. To his credit, he has created jobs through his businesses, and he knows how to find people smarter than him to delegate things to. He also seems to be a deal maker, which might be useful given the current global landscape with regard to trade and middle eastern conflict.”

So we can see here that while I did and still do absolutely despise Clinton and still think that given the choice trump was less bad, I DID NOT DRINK THE TRUMP KOOL-AID. And I was critical of those who did. I then basically ripped into Clinton, all of her dirt (that we know of), and then ripped into the left (not that the left is worse than the right.) That particular candidate due to her attributes and intentions had to be defeated.

With that said, let us look at some of the bullshit our Fuhrer and savior got up to.

He was supposed to drain the swamp and almost immediately began putting swamp things in position.

  • Goldman Sachs- check.
  • CIA warmongers -check.
  • Steve Bannon, Mike Bolton, Chris Christie…really? Rudolph mother fucking Giuliani? THIS IS YOUR DREAM TEAM?!?!?!
  • Tons of CFR, Trilateral, and Bilderbergers I am not even aware of,  I’m sure.
  • Zionists up the wazoo.

Let’s not forget the Nepotism thick enough to make one puke. The fact that his dumb fucking children actually have posts in the government is beyond belief. Watching that dumb broad Ivanka (who apparently trump would date if she wasn’t his daughter…what?) at the G20 was like getting bleach in the eye.  At least Joe Biden used private companies to try to hide his nepotism and funnel money to his drug addicted, crack-smoking, Asian prostitute fucking children.

This is your meritocracy? This is the savvy businessman who knows how to choose good people?

The GOD-Emperor has no clothes.

Even when he would finally tire of these morons, he would put another deep state hack in their place. As if the Mises institute or the Independence institute or the John Birch society had no learned men ready and willing to advise him. Instead, who seemed to be one of his go to sources of info? ALEX FUCKING JONES. You couldn’t make it up.

Trump was basically the perfect Israeli agent. I guess his Jewish daughter and grand-children slipped under the radar?  Look over his connections to Netanyahu  via Kushner.  He did everything the Zogs wanted and then more.  It’s amazing to me that the white nationalists saw all this, supported him then and STILL SUPPORT HIM NOW. It is absolutely unbelievable.

While it might be said that he hasn’t invaded any countries, it is not for lack of trying.

The only reason he didn’t go into Syria and Iran is that Putin’s testicles finally dropped and he had Russian troops, in some cases literally, block the road to Damascus and  Tehran.  I will give him props for reaching out to North Korea, but it was apparently all show and no substance (like I said before) Oh, and another $100 billion for the Military Industrial Complex, of course.

Apparently our overlords are not prepared to go toe to toe with the Rooskies in a hot war… YET.

He did strike Syria, we do have troops in Syria ‘defending the oil’  from its rightful owners and we are helping Saudi Arabia commit atrocities in Yemen.

I keep saying we, of course I mean they, the state.

Good to know the real puppet masters are in good health.

This man is a MORON. The shit that comes out of his mouth or that he tweets are absolutely stupefying and are only eclipsed by the stupidity of his supporters who stay with him despite it all. A worldwide virus is a hoax?  Injecting disinfectants? UVing people? LOL Really trump? Free throwing paper towels into a crowd of people absolutely devastated by a natural disaster? Stable Genius at work. Somehow the word embarrassing doesn’t do his behavior justice.

Knowing that the media is basically a den of liars, I would hear a claim of something he said, say to myself “no way he said/did that” and then look at the source material in context and low and behold, he did not disappoint.

I am aware that the left establishment cooked up the bullshit Russia gate scandal to fuck with him. I am aware of the relentless coverage they gave him AFTER GIVING HIM BILLIONS IN FREE ADVERTISING WHEN THEY THOUGHT HE COULDN’T WIN AS PART OF THE PIED PIPER STRATEGY ACCORDING TO PODESTA AND CLINTON’S EMAILS.

We have seen this before. The dumb fucking republicans back their candidate when they are in  power and he can do no wrong and the dems do the same  when it’s their turn.

However, I simply can’t for the life of me understand why so many so called libertarians jumped on his bandwagon. What is it about this guy that tickles their fancy? How…how did someone who inherited 400 million convince you he wasn’t an oligarch?

BLM, Antifa, The Election

So now we are inundated with “protesters” for justice. Whenever some criminal thug gets blasted we see these people come out in droves. So much for the lockdown measures right? How exactly do you “social distance” in a crowd?

The leaders of these organizations are openly Marxist, which makes them an easy force to oppose.

The problem is that in some cases they have a point. The cops do indeed regularly execute people in the streets for little or no reason. The cops have historically fucked with blacks for whatever reason since time immemorial. And the US has never addressed historical grievances that are legitimate. The US government in all of its forms, both state and federal have fucked over millions of people for generations. Unfortunately, the people with a legitimate concern are always used by Marxists or other groups have their agenda hijacked to serve other ends. Most of these BLM  protesters aren’t even black! That goes for many of the rioters too!

The cops kill anyone they want, regardless of color. I saw a video of one of these filthy shit bags gun down a guy in a hotel hallway after making him crawl to them like a dog in front of his woman. He also “Dindu Nuffin” as the boot lickers like to mock the men being gunned down in the streets. It was as hard to watch as the George Floyd video. Absolutely disgusting. Of course the pig got acquitted for murder. We ancaps know and have known that the primary enemy of the people are the enforcers of government THE POLICE AND MILITARY. It has always been the case but now some “libertarians” are actually supporting the cops. Jesus  Christ.

Trump is setting himself up to declare the election rigged in case he loses and resists denouncing white supremacy and supporting the peaceful transition of power. I don’t know what is going to happen, and I suspect Biden is going to win, but it’s looking like there might be lots of good entertainment coming up. Prepare for hard times. Hopefully at the end of it all there will be a bunch of dead moron statists on either side.

I don’t know what Biden’s position is on foreign policy, and I don’t think he does either. He is a brain dead shill for the establishment. We have a buffoon and a shill, another dumb fucking pair of candidates, but I have not heard him advocating for the military confrontation with Russia the way Hillary Clinton did, so at least there’s that. Kamala Harris is Hillary Light except she’s black…well Indian. She is a horse faced, thick necked bitch and looks like a body builder. How’s that for intelligent analysis. I am so sick of the left-right puppet show I can’t put any more energy into following it.

Just because you are anti BLM/Antifa does not mean you have to be Pro-police / military. They are BOTH pond scum.

Given the blatant stupidity of so many people, including many of the people who have infiltrated the freedom movement, I can see why Mark Passio flies off the handle so often. Infinitely entertaining.

Forgetting the Left-Right illusion

Another trend among “libertarians” is the idea that the right is better than the left. Excuse me? 9/11? Patriot act? Multiple invasions of countries? Hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced? The first set of Bail outs?  All of this happened under the control or with the consent of the republicans. Oh how short our memories are.

They are both shit. The both serve the same Corporate and Geo-political interests REMEMBER? If our masters decide a given policy is more suitable to implement under blue they go blue, if it is more suitable to implement under red they go red. I honestly thought this was understood and behind us by now.

And I have said it before and I will say it again.

When it comes to murder of innocents overseas and apparently in our own streets vs spending that money on universal healthcare I choose universal healthcare.

If it comes down to bailing out wall street banks and insurance companies or bailing out students who were laden with debt after being conned into getting useless degrees, I choose the students.

The choice between free college or bailing out homeowners who saw their mortgage payments double overnight vs bailing out the very same banks that issued the debt under questionable and often overtly criminal pretenses is a no brainier for me. These banks have again and again been convicted of laundering billions for drug cartels (not that drugs should be illegal) and funneling money to all sorts of criminals all over the world for which they get hefty fines. They have again and again told their clients to invest in a given security, and then bet against that very same security. Of course, no one goes to jail for any of it.

The sticking point that the libertarians have with the left is their anti-gun stance. There is no political will or feasible method of banning or confiscating all guns in America.  The second amendment is useless anyway since no one uses it to kill tyrants. Most libertarians I have encountered won’t even DISCUSS violence in hypothetical situations. Also, apparently, the “freedom loving”, “constitution loving” right is basically synonymous with boot licking and military worship. I have no doubts that these Trump cultists would gladly hand over their guns with a smile if Trump or someone like Trump issues the confiscation legislation.

We do not have the luxury of neutrality, they will impose their will on us whether we like it or not, vote or not. Obviously, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have the government involved in any of this shit to begin with. THIS IS NOT A PERFECT WORLD.

The republic is doomed anyway and the people might as well get something out of it. Not that anyone’s promises mean shit in this system.

The monumental failure of government to protect its citizens… Again.

Man, we have a lot of people here in America. It’s the third largest country in the world. It has largest economy and strongest military, so we are repeatedly told. Perhaps we could use some of that immense wealth to prepare for diseases that might inflict our people. Maybe we can call it …I donno… the center for disease control or something. Their only job will be to control disease…

It is hard to know where to begin to address the apocalyptic failure of the CDC and the government in general with regard to their response, or lack thereof, to the current pandemic. Their funding was around 11 BILLION in 2019 alone. Knowing we had a recent Ebola and SARS scare, why the blue daffodil Fuck didn’t they prepare for this?!

As if 9/11 and the subsequent attacks were not enough to prove that the government is unable and at times unwilling to do its supposed primary job of protecting its citizens wasn’t enough, we have this new disease to deal with.

This problem was ignored by the government either on purpose or through incompetence. We know for a fact they knew about it and we know for the fact they knew it was worse than what has being stated. With all of their fucking tax payer funded satellites that can see what you had for breakfast, the World Health Organization updates and even Chinese social media, there is no excuse that they didn’t know what was going on. They certainly knew enough to sell all of their stock right before the crash!

It’s almost as if they intentionally ignored it so that they could have a crisis to respond to… problem, reaction, solution as David Icke would say… where have I seen this before?

 “patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for a hijacking”- Source

Let not get bogged down by factual conspiracy theories.

First, it was brushed off and belittled as a hoax, and then reluctantly they closed some flights from the epicenter of the disease. Apparently closing flights to places that were likely already infected boggled  all of the geniuses in their think tanks. Remember they had weeks watching China from satellites and on TV as China closed down and entire city.

Then, when it finally reached our shores, the smiling fool Fauci comes out and tells everyone they don’t need masks… during a breakout of an airborne or droplet transmitted disease. People like me who worked in hospitals and knew the donning and doffing procedures and equipment necessary to even enter a ‘contact’ room were looking at this perplexed like what?!

Then, when they finally reversed course on the matter, they basically made it seem like any piece of cloth would do. I cannot begin to explain how ridiculous this is without writing an entire treatise about pathogen transmission. Suffice it to say, no, any mask will not do in the case of a serious and virulent form of an airborne pathogen.

The CDC guidelines changed almost daily. Contradicting and conflicting information all from “the experts” was put out by our useless news media and immediately spun into a political game.

How can anyone take this clown Fauci seriously? He was out on TV telling people NOT to wear masks, explicitly. He suddenly turns on a dime, admits that he’s a fucking liar and now everyone is hanging on his every word as if he wasn’t dead wrong. As if, due to his incompetence or willful lies thousands of people hadn’t contracted this disease and are now dead because of it. Imagine if on day 1 he instead insisted everyone wear N95 or N99 masks ASAP and/or stay home.

Anyone who thinks you can get a vaccine off this quickly for a novel virus… I again don’t know where to start.  Let me say there is a VERY GOOD REASON vaccines take a long time to be tested and developed and it is not simply a matter of throwing money at the problem. Bad vaccines can kill people and do more harm than good. There is a reason why vaccines against viruses that have been around for decades do not exist yet.

Much like the devout Catholics turn a blind eye to the catholic church’s atrocities and child fucking,  so to do the members of the state religion turn a blind eye to state failures.

No matter what happens, in the eyes of the statist masses STATE FAILURES ARE ALWAYS FORGIVEN.

Speaking of child fucking, I wonder what trump was getting up to on Epstein’s plane and island. DETAILS

The Lockdowns:

As if the situation could not become more asinine, the governments of the states decided to impose lockdowns in an effort to pretend to do something useful. Once again, the government reaction to something proves to be worse than that something. Their failure to prevent this outbreak in the first goddamn place was simply not enough.

So now, much like Rahm Emanuel stated, they aren’t letting this crisis go to waste. Billions are being given to bio companies that Fauci and others in the gov. have a stake in. The stock market was crashed, and then inside players consolidated positions for pennies on the dollar. Hundreds of Billions of dollars were printed and given to connected financial institutions and businesses.

The US government gave a trillion bucks to a private company, Blackrock, to hand out free government money to their friends. Not a hair on one of their heads harmed, no use of the coveted 2nd amendment. It really is remarkable.

Inflation in the stock market created new massive fortunes for those connected overnight. Stimulus checks (tax rebates) given to the masses to keep them from rebelling. Especially since tens of millions of them were forcefully dis-employed.

Connected businesses and industries were allowed to operate and their competitors forced to close. They initiated the classification of workers into “essential “and “non-essential”.

Gyms were closed, and people grew fat and increased risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and all of the other factors that are not only primary factors in health decline, but also factors that make getting the virus worse. People missed cancer treatments and began to have increased tumor growth.

Businesses were shut down, and thus forced to sell their assets for pennies on the dollar. Major brands going under. Dreams crushed.

All by government decreeApparently the American people will go along with martial law AS LONG AS IT ISN’T CALLED MARTIAL LAW. I already had lost any hope in turning the dumb masses to a liberty ideology, but fuck me even I didn’t think they would be THIS subservient THIS quickly.

It is hard to quantify the damage these lockdowns have done.

This crisis also has the added benefit of giving the government critical data on American behavior under martial law. They are now set up for a future Chinese war due to all the anti-China sentiment being generated. They are also now, by force, getting otherwise working and independent Americans used to a police state with checkpoints  and used to getting money directly from the government just to survive.

The government choosing winners and losers… A- FUCKING -GAIN

It’s all fixed, and it always was. Anyone who reads American history would be hard pressed to find a time when the government did not choose winners or losers. The government was choosing winners and losers from the very beginning with strategic placement of key government institutions next to wealthy landowner property and the manipulation of war bond values. Watch or read some of the work by Robert Higgs or Tom Dilorenzo.

America has never been free and capitalist. Cite all the land grants for railroads and for “pioneers”, taking huge swaths of the continent by force, Indian genocide and millions of men and women in chains at a 100% taxation rate. Sounds like a free market paradise! 

The earliest version of welfare, a government quasi-socialist program, was given to civil war veterans according to Robert Higgs. The government intrusion into private life only increased exponentially from there.

 Even Trump’s “self-made”daddy made his big bucks with government loans. Recall that many of today’s tech  billionaires were and are in bed with the CIA’s venture capitalist arm.

Please recall Henry Paulson’s antics and all of the subsequent “QEs” under Bernanke : A naked transfer of wealth to the top. Real “capitalism” at work.

Students of history know that the US has always had a strong element of government giving money or land to or passing laws in favor of connected businesses, or what they now call “socialism”.

They are literally choosing who wins and losses right in front of our eyes. AND IT AIN’T ME AND IT AIN’T YOU WINNING.

The richer libertarians/ancaps tend to rib the poorer ones and wonder why many of us are struggling financially. Maybe it’s because the government straight up closes our businesses, crashes the economy and makes our property worthless, and then takes the money they stole from us in the form of taxes and gives it to our competitors. They forced a lot of us to stop earning money. They choose who gets capital and who doesn’t, who can operate and under what circumstances, what contracts to enforce and to what extent, what you can buy and what you can sell on the industrial level. The game is rigged and it might not be our fault that we cannot compete.

Let me explain how a non-state society would have intelligently handled this pandemic.

I want to dedicate this section to responding to the so called progressives who have been making yet another stupid argument in the face of current events.

Much like the Christians bleet out “there are no atheists in foxholes”,  the progressive have taken to parroting the phrase “there are no libertarians in a pandemic”.  I would like to list the ways in which a non-state ancap or libertarian society could respond to a pandemic like the one we are seeing today.

The cry for hospital beds:

Every man, woman, and child in the US save for the homeless already has a hospital bed: it’s called their own fucking bed.  Being at home means less infections. One of the leading causes of illness and death in hospitals is HAI(Hospital Acquired Infection) It happens so much there are terms for it and chances are you know someone who has contracted one or even died from one. Nurses can be careless or tired after working double shifts, they forget PPE(Personal Protective Equipment), forget hand hygiene, forget to label rooms with contacts (a contact is an infectious pathogen, typically airborne, droplet, or touch transmitted) properly, and infections get spread. Furthermore, believe it or not, the staff responsible for sterilizing the rooms after patients leave is often poorly trained and poorly paid. (You would think the room would have experts clean it if your loved one is about to be exposed to potential pathogens after a surgery)

It is not uncommon for people to go into the hospital with simple shit and end up in the ICU due to contracting some antibiotic resistant bug that then typically turns into viral or bacterial pneumonia.

Now, with that understanding, I have to make another diversion.

Back in the day, there were these organizations that were called friendly societies. They were well organized consensual and mutually beneficial organizations wherein members pooled money for services used in common, but not used often. For example, a group would have a doctor or doctors that serviced members of said group. The government killed them with the AMA(American Medical Association), but I digress. These doctors actually provided customized individual service and made these things called house calls. The doctor would actually schedule a visit to you personally and deliver care at home.

Care at home = no random people walking by or into your room. No random nurses coming in and out and bringing god knows what with them. No old or unclean vents with all kinds of pathogens in the vent dust.  And significantly less stress.

 This form of care would bring obvious innovations in medical technology with it such as cheaper and more portable diagnostics and cheaper and more portable machines for care such as ventilators, if necessary. This equipment could be rented if purchase price was prohibited.

Testing and treatments:

As far as testing, Trump for some reason decided not to buy the tests already developed by several other nations and insisted on developing our own…as the bodies piled up. I imagine a free market society would simply buy the fucking tests.

There would also be less red tape in terms of adoption of treatments. While a vaccine would likely still take time as the company providing it would want to reduce liability TREATMENTS that could help alleviate symptoms can be tested and used much quicker as we saw in the actual pandemic.


Due to the shitty educational system, people do not even have the most basic medical training let alone medical understanding. I imagine in a free society people would look after their own health. It is no secret that most of the deaths caused by the virus had many comorbidity factors. Exercise, good diet and basic supplementation would improve the general resilience of a free population given the requirement or procuring one’s own healthcare.

Furthermore, it would probably be the case that close relatives or friends would render most of the care a nurse would if costs were prohibitive. If you have ever had anyone in your family or any close friends sick you may have even personally given care and therefore, people could be trained in basic care and escalate care if there is an acute event (we call them codes)


Businesses that operated in a manner that spread a disease when it is generally known that there was a pandemic would either have their patrons sign a waver or face possible legal ramifications if it can be shown a patron was harmed on site. This would entice behavior for the owners to take measures to ensure no one was actively sick in their establishment much like the ones taken now.

Add to this the much lower prices of insurance and medical care due to open competition and most people would be in decent shape to weather the infection.

So to summarize for our slow to learn, perpetually betrayed progressive critics of the free market, I’ll make it real concise:

  • The ancap/libertarian solution to a lack of hospital beds is to turn everyone’s home bed into a hospital bed with what used to be called house calls by doctors and nurses and with portable diagnostic and medical equipment.
  • Ancaps would have been smart enough and business savvy enough to simply buy tests from companies already producing them or there would be an obvious market incentive to produce those tests if they were not available or accurate.
  • Ancaps would have purchased large numbers of masks early on when it seems like the pandemic might take off like many entrepreneurs did. The increase in price would ration their use to those most susceptible to the disease.
  • Key life-saving treatments could be rushed to those who needed it without FDA approval
  • Testing would be for those who needed it or paid for it vs the celebrities and the rich who got tests first and often.
  • Businesses would implement measures that would protect their patrons and themselves form liability
  • People would be better educated about their health and the way their own fucking body works, and would be in a much better position to give care.
  • Friendly societies or insurance or savings would cover people who had to take off from work, work policies, charity, or fund raisers would cover the rest

Silver Linings

Firstly, the incompetence of the government and its officials is on full display and hopefully they have made some lifelong enemies in the form of the unemployed and ruined businessmen and women.

Second, it should be painfully obvious with all of the retards supporting Trump, all of the simpletons rioting and L.A.R.P.ing in “tacti-cool” gear, and all of the people embracing the lockdowns and control measures that the masses cannot and will not be convinced to somehow one day become libertarians, let alone ancaps. This means people can allocate their resources away from proselytizing and focus on increasing their personal freedom or the freedom of other like-minded people by organizing for themselves and letting the herd stampede.

Third, I think the strategy of deterring a large nation state from invading a micro-nation with the credible threat of chemical or biological weapons has been vindicated.

In this article I explain why defense for a micro nation isn’t a problem. I point out that even nations as powerful as America struggle to defend against Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attacks.

I have stated for the longest that a small ancap nation would not need nuclear weapons to deter or respond to major power invasion. I said chemical or biological weapons with appropriate and cheap delivery systems(apparently a person on a plane) would be sufficient to deter invasion. I pointed out that nuclear weapons are ridiculously expensive to create and maintain.

I pointed out again and again that you can’t really defend against these threats . And look what we have here, a massive case study. Major economic and military powers have suffered massive economic and human life losses to a virus that is significantly milder than even a shitty weaponized version of the common flu.

I pointed out that if there a no reason to be invaded we would probably be left alone so  long as we don’t openly sell slaves, fuck children, or deal in major drug traffic, and thus such deterrents would probably not even  be necessary.

Imagine if this was an actual attack, like a weaponized version of the common flu or even ebola. We would have millions dead and the economy would be even worse. It is apparent that even the likes of the US are not prepared to deal with this type of attack.

I consider this to be evidence that indeed a small nation could credibly deter a much larger nation from invading it. I also cited their hesitance to invade Iraq and Syria until it was proven they had no chemical weapons.

This pandemic, and the government reaction to it, have caused more economic damage and more lives were lost than a tactical nuclear strike on a mid-sized city. The total deaths from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are lower than the total deaths the US have incurred from this relatively mild pathogen.

There could be no more valid test. The most powerful nation, with the strongest, best trained and equipped, and the most adventurous militarily, and the richest nation with the largest economy brought to its knees by a virus nowhere near as virulent as something like a weaponized Ebola would be. Biological and chemical weapons with credible delivery systems would be sufficient to act as a deterrent for a sovereign ancap nation!

I rest my case!

Lesson learned and what you can do.

Well, we saw empty shelves in America. This should be a wake-up call to start prepping. There is plenty of good info on google or YouTube on how to get started. I was already prepped so it didn’t have a big impact on me other than lack of exercise and loss of some income. There could be other waves of lockdowns so stock up on common items. As for the infection itself, work out and supplement with vitamin c and d and zinc.

This should come as no surprise, but YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. If some mob comes to “diversify” your house you need the means of repelling them, with lethal force if necessary.

I have been a proponent of the retreativist concept I call enclavism. It involves ancaps organizing into groups in order to gain property, slowly build up homes and businesses together, and be in a better position to weather the state’s nonsense. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have an ancap or libertarian enclave somewhere outside of your current city where you could watch this unfold? Mutual defense maybe?

I think I have one more article on the enclave method left in me about how to fund such a project in a manner that would thwart many conmen. Until then, Good Luck.